Lawyers specialise in property, acquisition, capital markets or Islamic finance, and work on behalf of either the borrower or the lender. The field of health law is highly disciplinary, covering topics related to the health of individuals and the public, as well as industry considerations and the financial costs of healthcare delivery. If you are looking for the best-paying lawyer jobs, you should probably look elsewhere. Many of the law firms that make a ton of money on class action suits are slimy. 0. Close. So these were some of the highest paying jobs in the field of law that you can work for. Banwo & Igbodalo the best law commercial law firms in Nigeria. I truly have a desire to become an attorney, though. Ambitious law students want to get into the best colleges. Healthcare jobs headed the list of the highest-paying occupations: The top 10 jobs all belonged to this sector. It's not the area of law, that is highest paying, it's the attorney's expertise in that particular filed that commands the high salary for the attorney. Our municipal lawyers bill out at roughly the same rate as our mergers and acquisitions lawyers, and our divorce lawyers, etc. Maybe you’d rather be a law professor than practice law! Also Read:Check out the highest paying jobs in the Management Field. April 2006 edited November 2010 in Law School. I am by no means going to pursue law for the money. They are handsomely rewarded for their hard work, too—the median salary for a law professor is $128,000 with the high end reaching $194,000. The law is undoubtedly a crowded profession these days, so your question is not easy to answer. The answer to this question depends on the market that you work in (with NY and the SF Bay area being the highest) and the type of work you do. Highest Paying Occupations. The average salary for a law professor is about $166,000 a year, making it one of the highest paying legal jobs in the world. The ability to captivate and convince judges and juries is necessary for success in this field of law. This includes the areas of health care law, personal injury, medical malpractice and a variety of other related areas. It’s just for fun! If you are referring to different branches of the profession, even that is complex. Highest paying field of law! Highest Paying Jobs in the Field of Education. This type of law covers the full spectrum of finance, from personal bank loans to complex business transactions. 1 decade ago. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the national average salary for lawyers is $112,760 per year. Source(s): Too many years working in high-profile law firms with attorneys. Click on an occupation name to see the full occupational profile. Highest paying occupations: 20 occupations with the highest median annual pay. Justin H. Lv 7. It may be not one of the highest paying jobs in India in the field of law but in India, judges hold very high amount of respect and enjoy privileges and perks. Medical Lawyers typically make the highest yearly salary. Highest Paying Cities for Lawyers. 1 decade ago. Lawyers need lots of experience and knowledge to become law professors, but if they can get a position as a professor, they will have a dependable, high salary. Henry Y. The Salary for a Lawyer Based on the Field of Law. Some people can bill more because they are superstars in their area, but the area doesn't matter that much. Simply Law Jobs has released its latest annual report, and are happy to reveal the top 10 highest paying legal jobs in 2019.. We have collected data from jobs posted in 2019 by recruiters, to identify the average salary for specific roles within the legal industry.. There are two major factors that influence the amount of money a lawyer earns which are location and area of specialization. May 2006. i-Bankers are underpaid without a graduate degree in Business (M.B.A.). What are the highest paying paralegal fields? In comparison, some of the top paying salaries can earn over $200,000. Twitter. John Benoit - May 27, 2020. By. Replies to: Highest paying field of law! Tax Attorneys . Source(s): Non-specialist elementary and secondary school teachers earned mean annual salaries of … Once you finally have a client with a decent case, waiting 2 years to get paid while paying staff salary, rent, malpractice insurance, and other overhead is a bitch. OCCUPATION 2019 MEDIAN PAY ; Psychiatrists: This wage is equal to or greater than $208,000 per year. ... Health law is a rapidly changing and steadily growing field. 0 0. Highest Paying Field Of Law. The criminal justice system offers a number of high paying career options to candidates with diverse experience and educational background. Discussed are some of the highest paying legal practice fields. ... Getting cases is hard. It is a lucrative field of law, with attorneys typically earning a median salary of $131,728 per annum. It’s kind of strange that some lawyers seem to be very wealthy and others are struggling to make ends meet. Intellectual property refers to intangible assets, created through human intellect, which makes them … NOTE: Think of this quiz as an exercise to help you pursue your own research about choosing a law career. 41. Facebook. However, what is the highest paying field of law, Real Estate, Divorce, Bankruptcy? If you want something "ethical" then you might look at corporate law or entertainment law. #21. Studying at either of the NLUs will also help you in securing a good job. This type of lawyer provides their clients with a variety of legal advisement and services related to medical law. It can be emphatically stated that attorneys in the non-profit sector make the least (but their job satisfaction derives from whom the help instead of the pay) and those in the private sector make the most. The firm is also one of the highest paying law firms in Nigeria as at the time this article was written. 1 0. The quiz is not a foolproof diagnostic scientific tool. Pinterest. There is no doubt that Banwo & Igbodalo is one of the top law firms in Nigeria. Posted by 8 years ago. highest paying law firms in Nigeria. Altogether, 14 out of the top 25 jobs were in this field. Hello! Other high paying degrees are in aerospace, chemical and electrical. Employment and Labor Attorneys ($82,000 – $90,000 annually) Today when the job market is crueler than ever, sometimes you need to hire an employment attorney to make sure that everything is legal and fair at your work, including the relationships between employers and employees. Google+. However, this figure can be misleading, as salaries vary between the different fields of law. Hence every law graduate dreams of becoming a part of a top-drawer law firm in India. While business law tends to be one of the higher paying practice areas, the workload can be overwhelming. Law professors work steadier hours than attorneys, in most cases, but the competition is fierce. In the same way in USA personal Injury Lawyer and truck accident lawyer are always in high demand. Judges are considered to be one of the best in the field of law and apply mind and has an ability … Highest paying Law firms in India “You can’t have a Million- Dollar dream with a minimum- wage ethic.” -Stephen C Hogan. IP? The teaching profession isn't renowned for its high levels of pay, although you can earn a decent living if you find the right opportunity. That's because the top salaries are probably not where you are. Intellectual Property Lawyers. What is the highest paying field of law that requires the least amount of hours? A career in the legal field can be highly rewarding. Tax attorneys are lawyers who specialize in the complex and technical field of tax law. The highest paying area of law is the one you're best at. Archived. UMICH10 54 replies 5 threads Junior Member. Real Estate(Except during bad economic times...) ?Is there a list anywhere that shows which areas are the best paying? The salary packages mentioned above depend largely on the amount of experience you have in this field. Depending on where you practice law, you could also earn more money. Check out the Best Law Schools rankings and get advice on paying for a J.D. In few country demand of criminal law is high and there are different fields in criminal justice which comes under higher paying jobs. After graduation, most of the young minds are looking for the highest paying employment. According to U.S. News & World Report, the highest mean salaries for lawyers are in Washington, DC, …

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